• Excursions to the lavender farm

During the excursion you will have the opportunity to learn about the history and specifics of growing lavender, the process of distilling essential oil, from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product. You can visit the farm only by previous booking and at scheduled times.

Minimum limit of persons is 7.

  • Creative workshops

We offer to make custom-made, aromatic lavender products – lavender scented bags, candles, soaps, etc.). Minimum limit of persons is 7.

  • Lavender product tastings

During the tastings you will have the opportunity to taste a range of specific lavender food and beverage products. Minimum limit of persons is 7.

Hiring lavender field and labyrinth for photo shootings

During the lavender blossom season (July-August) it is possible to organize a photo session at weddings, birthdays and other thematic events.

 Event hosting building

Area 50 sq.m. (optimum up to 20 persons)

  • Necessary audio and video equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems are available.
  • It is possible to rearrange chairs and tables according to the needs of the client
  • During warm season of the year you can enjoy coffee breaks and lunch on the terrace with the view over the lavender field 
  • Accessible to people with special needs
  • Spacious free parking

 Country sauna  


  •  Sauna 

Sauna fans can enjoy firewood-fuelled sauna with adjacent pond. The sauna is equipped with a lounge room, shower, amenities and sauna utensils. 

  •  Sauna master service

Sauna and massage procedures under the guidance of a qualified sauna attendant and massage specialist. The own-produced lavender essential oil is used in the sauna ritual and massage. During summer massage in the lavender field will be offered.

  •  Wooden hot-tub 

The guests will be offered Japanese sauna or wooden hot-tub. The hot-tub is an excellent relaxation form, especially in the winter season when snow is sparkling around.



 Bicycle rent

The visitors will be offered bicycle rent, along with the opportunity to view the most interesting tourist attractions in the area. Information on the tourist attractions are available in the section – Tourist attractions. Bicycle rent is free for accommodation users.

All prices are provided, including VAT.